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March 6, 2013 Redesign

Here’s the link to the presentation.

February 20, 2013

Incremental counting device for desktop


Rachel lives for vacation. She is going to Hawaii this year  and can’t wait. She is leaving in 100 days and wants to count down toward her vacation. Rachel thinks having a constant reminder of her progress toward vacation will help her get through the tedium of her job.

John’s New Year’s resolution is to scale back on his coffee consumption. At the end of last semester he was drinking as many as 30 cups a week. Rather than going cold turkey, John wants to scale back. He is allowing himself 10 cups a week in 2013 and wants an easy way to keep track of his coffee consumption. He thinks displaying the weekly tally will help shame him into sticking to his resolution and force him to take it seriously.


A device for your desk that lets you keep an incremental count in a visually appealing way. You can count forwards or backwards and keep track of your progress towards your target.

photo (12)


On the left is a crank that when turned up makes the little human model climb up the mountain, one step at a time, towards the peak which is the target goal.

February 13, 2013

Comparing the top food delivery sites

Link to presentation here:


Food 2 U for UX design

January 31, 2013

Good UX- an example

Post to your blog an example of an interface that offers the user a clear invitation to do something and makes that engagement a compelling and engaging experience.

As I was making my way through endless websites, deliberate physical interactions with objects and architectures around me in an attempt to answer the question above, I took a bathroom break. And found the answer in this nondescript wash basin.

photo (11)



This looks like any other wash basin. And it is. Except it has a unique way of controlling how much water you use. Strange sounds are not appreciated when they come from bathrooms, especially public bathrooms. And by some invisible mechanism, the wash basin produces a part-alarm, part-flatulence like sound if the lever is almost all the way up.

This is great UX not just because it adds some fun to a banal everyday activity like washing your hands, but because it is surprising, unusual and positively affects everyday habits. A big lesson from fun theory was exactly this. Great UX to my mind can be so much more than seamless, easy and perfectly smooth interaction. This particular UX made me push the lever down, use less water, think about my action and the global water problem, and have a little fun in the process.

It is wholly possible that in the long term, the UX becomes redundant- that people stop caring about the sound, or are annoyed by it. Or it might turn out another way and people are careful about how much water they spend- at least in this particular cafe. We are yet to find out.